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Donate to the ACDC Annual Fund

Donate to the ACDC Annual Fund


They are neglected, homeless, and have no voice.  These are the animals that we rescue.

Thanks to your generosity, ACDC Rescue is proudly celebrating it’s 18th anniversary.  We have saved thousands of animals, but there are many more that need our help.  As a foster-based rescue with no paid staff, we continue to rely on the generosity of our volunteers and members of the community, like you, to continue our mission.

Rescuing cats from unsafe, outdoor conditions has been a top priority for ACDC this year. Macey was found alone behind a CVS, weak and anemic from the parasites in and on her.  She had so many fleas that her fur turned red when she was bathed.  Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof were only 3 days old when found.  Their feral mother was trying to keep them warm from the freezing winter temperatures in an outdoor shelter.  Thankfully our experienced rescue team was able to get mom and kittens into a foster home where they were safe from the cold and momma kitty was able to raise her kittens without having to fight the harsh outdoor elements.

This summer a previous ACDC adopter alerted us to a large number of abandoned cats in her neighborhood.  Though the neighbors were willing to feed the cats, they were multiplying at an alarming rate.  ACDC Rescue combined efforts with another local rescue organization to TNR (trap-neuter-return) the cats that were feral and to place the adoptable cats into foster care.  Unfortunately, some of the kittens had medical issues.  A series of kittens have had ongoing gastrointestinal issues including some with congenital defects.  Big Red and Chiclet are just two of the kittens that have required ongong veterinary care.  While they have had growth delays (just barely 2 lbs at 14 weeks old) they are now gaining weight at a normal rate.  We are hopeful that they will be strong enough to be spayed and neutered in the coming weeks.

Krinkle was the only kitten that survived from his litter.  His finder told us there were others, but one got hit by a car and the others were only seen once or twice before disappearing.  This is the reality for many cats faced with fending for themselves outside.  Though it hardly slows him down, Krinkle was unfortunately born with a spinal deformity (as seen below on radiograph).  Intially he was very shy and scared, but has blossomed into a brave and bold cat!  He loves his squeaky mouse and will carry it all over the house.  Krinkle also likes to hide in his nylon tunnel and surprise whoever walks by as he jumps out!  When he is done playing, he likes to curl up on a cat tree, beside you in bed, on anywhere he can find a sunbeam.  He is currently available for adoption and would do well with another friendly feline or as a solo kitty.

With the support of community members like you, Cosmo and Pooof have found their forever homes.  All of our animals are spayed and neutered prior to adoption, and are microchipped, dewormed, and have age appropriate vaccines.  Some, like Krinkle, Big Red, and Chiclet require more extensive veterinary care and support. Your donation will provide the resources required to care for an injured or neglected cat.  Be the difference.

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