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Adopt an Adult Pet

Why Adopt an Adult Pet?

Their behavior and personality are more predictable, typically housebroken and energy levels are known to best match with your lifestyle. With proper care and nutrition, the average lifespan of cats are 12-14 years, dogs are 10-15 years and rabbits are 8-10 years, giving you plenty of time for adventures together!

Top Reasons to Adopt an Adult Pet

While adopting a puppy, baby bunny, or kitten often sounds exciting, there is often more than meets the eye and a lot to consider. A puppy or kitten is not necessarily ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when adopting an older pet.

One word: housebroken. Replacing soiled furniture and carpets can come with a hefty price tag.
Barking, howling, digging, nipping, scratching, jumping. Need we say more? Obedience training is not cheap! Adult pets have usually learned acceptable behaviors and don’t engage in those that are not.
Adult pets have already gone through the “teething stage” so you won’t spend money replacing belongings that have been turned into new chew toys. Kittens are still learning how to use—and not use—their claws. Especially for households with young children, this can be difficult.
Adult pets require less time and energy. Give them some quality time each day, but not your entire day. They are usually content to curl with you and snuggle in for a long nap.
Their behavior and personality is predictable. You usually know what you’re getting when you adopt, giving you a much better chance of finding the right match.
You will sleep through the night. If you move your foot—even a centimeter—under the cover, kittens often think it’s play time and pounce! Puppies will often require that you get up and take them out for a walk to relieve themselves.
You will be saving a life. Adult animals are often victims of circumstances beyond their control. Their human parents may have died or been placed in nursing homes. They could have been part of a military family now assigned overseas. Their families may have moved and not wanted the “bother” of taking them along. A new and exciting puppy or kitten may have come along to take their place. Whatever the case may be, adult animals often finds themselves living without a permanent family for reasons beyond their control, but you can change all that.

Adopt an Adult Pet

There are many adult animals available for adoption through ACDC Rescue, browse through our animals, to save a life today!


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